Commercial Wood Pellet Boiler Rebate Program

Provides rebates of 40% of the installed capital cost on wood pellet boiler installations in commercial/institutional settings, up

to $65,000.  Maximum boiler size 2.5 million BTU (733 kW).  Applicant qualifies for rebate if project meets all program requirements and funds are available. Program is run through the NH PUC. For more information, contact Barbara Bernstein at (603) 271-2431.

New Hampshire T-RECs Enterprise Fund

T-RECs, or thermal renewable energy certificates, were authorized by the NH Legislature in 2012. Commercial or institutional modern wood heating systems will qualify. Once operating, you receive TRECs based on the amount of heat you generate from wood. State law requires NH retail electricity suppliers to purchase these TRECs. You generate real revenue as you operate. This program is administrated by Innovative Natural Resources Solutions, LLC. Contact Charlie Niebling at (603) 965-5434 or Charles Levesque at (603) 588-3272.

Renewable Energy Fund C&I RFP Program

Each year, the NHPUC issues a request for proposals. To be eligible for funding under this RFP, projects must utilize grant funds primarily for capital investments in new, REC-eligible renewable energy facilities, upgrades to existing facilities to increase REC production, or upgrades to existing renewable energy facilities that will qualify them as eligible for RECs. Projects must be in the non-residential sector in New Hampshire. Renewable energy includes electricity generated from wind, ocean thermal, wave, current, tidal, hydrogen derived from biomass fuels or methane gas, methane gas, biomass, hydroelectric, and solar electric technologies or useful thermal energy produced from ground source geothermal heat pumps, biomass, and solar thermal technologies. Projects cannot be eligible for rebate programs administered by the NH PUC. Thus a pellet boiler project over 2.5 MMBTU or a wood chip project will qualify. Numerous biomass heating projects have been partially funded through this RFP over the last three years.

Rural Energy for America Program (REAP)

Farms and rural small businesses are qualified to apply for grants of up to 25% of the installed capital cost of qualified biomass heating projects through the USDA REAP grant. Projects must have completed a feasibility study by an independent consultant prior to application. REAP also provides low cost loan guarantees. Contact Ken Yearman, Jr. for more information at (802) 828-6070.

Block Grants, Tax Credits, & Loans

The NH Community Development Finance Authority (NH CDFA) has three possible programs available:

       1. Block grants available to communities for projects that assist low to moderate income people
       2. Tax credit program: for non-profits where donations from private donors are given a 75% tax credit
       3. Loan guarantees: Clean Energy Fund

Contact Joe Harrison, Director of Clean Energy Finance, at (603) 717-9123.

NH Renewable Portfolio Standard Thermal Renewable Energy Credits (T-RECs)

In 2012 the NH Renewable Portfolio Standard was amended to include qualification of renewable thermal technologies, including solar thermal, geothermal and biomass thermal.  Rules to fully implement the program became effective in 2014.  Qualifying biomass heating projects can generate “renewable energy certificates based upon their heat output.  These thermal RECs can then be sold to generate operating income for the project.  Thermal RECs are currently worth up to $25.17 per megawatt-hour of heat energy produced (trading at approx. $20).  This can be a significant annual revenue source for biomass boiler projects that meet program requirements. 

Community Facilities Program

This grant program through USDA provides grants of 15-75% (sliding scale based on socio-economic profile of community served) of total project cost, up to a max of $50,000 for municipal and non-profit projects.  Projects must have completed a feasibility study by an independent consultant prior to application. CFP also provides project loans at favorable terms. Rolling application deadline; grants are awarded once per year and based on funds available. Contact Mark Koprowski at (603) 223-6057.

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