Free of charge, this service is available to any business, institution or government entity in New Hampshire that is serious about exploring whether their building or facility is suitable for a modern, automatic wood heating system. To be considered for Coaching services, please complete the application below. Applications received will be scored and ranked to determine which ones are funded for Coaching.


If your project is selected, the Coach will provide the following services:

   a. The Coach will schedule a site visit with your project personnel.

   b. A Site visit will be held and will include the following:


  •         In a meeting at the facility, an overview of using wood for heat in commercial situations will be provided.

  •         Application information will be verified;

  •         Facility and existing heating system tour will be conducted;

  •         Wood heating alternatives will be discussed and applicant’s questions answered;

  •         Handout materials will be provided and financial assistance options available will be discussed.

   c. After the on-site visit, the Coach will then use the information in the application, supplemented with information gathered during the site visit, to run a financial analyses program. The Coach pre-feasibility report will then be developed and delivered within 3 weeks of the site visit that will include a recommendation for next steps (one of the options below):

  •        Project should not continue – wood heating not an option;

  •        Project is ready for wood heating system installation – a list of design/build contractors will be provided;

  •        Project has potential for wood heating system, feasibility study is recommended.

   d. Presentation of the report and recommendation to the applicant will be done at a meeting at the applicant’s location. Discussion of the next steps will occur at this meeting and continued consultation and assistance will be available from the Coach for another 6 weeks following the report presentation.


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